Manufacturer’s warranty.

Up to 15 years on most products.

Saves water.

Over 50% reduction in residential water use.

Installation Specifications.

Detailed specifications for landscape architects and designers including Greensmaster Precision installation services.

HeatBlock Technology.

Coolest turf in the synthetic turf landscape.

Over 50,000 installations...

in North America since 2004 and still growing.

R&D Lab.

The only one of its kind in the industry.

SYNLawn® is made with nylon.

 The nylon fibers in SYNLawn® products outlast and out perform all other synthetic turf fibers.

  • Nylon is 22% more resilient than polypropylene and 40% more resilient than polyethylene.
  • Nylon is 26% stronger than polypropylene and 33% stronger than polyethylene.


Drains well at a rate of over 30 gal/hr.

Better Product, Period.

SYNLawn® ensures the highest quality of artificial grass products combined with expertise in landscape design and installation. SYNLawn® is the only artificial turf that DOES NOT require infill.


SYNLawn® synthetic grass produced with nylon is as safe as the water you drink. Our manufacturing process has zero intentional lead added which meets or falls below all Federal and State lead restrictions, including the State of California which has the most stringent guidelines for lead content.


Unmatched Product Capabilities.

SYNLawn’s technological advancements in yarn extrusion, thatch texturizing, and overall product construction have produced the most realistic and best performing turf products in the marketplace.

Zeolite for pet systems.

A proprietary pet system which offers the cleanest and safest pet environments.

Less Mess.

Lowest amount of top dressing required in the industry means less mess and a better performing product.


The most varieties of grass with the most options specifically designed, engineered, and manufactured to give you choices.

Longer wear

SYNLawn® nylon does not break down as quickly from foot traffic or general wear as other types of synthetic turf fibers.


We are the largest manufacturer and installer of synthetic landscape grass and putting surfaces in North America.