Safety Is The #1 Priority

When it comes to children, we think nothing is more important than their safety. SYNLawn® has developed the safest, most consistent playground surface anywhere. The SYNLawn® Playground System is designed for all types of playground equipment and protects children from falls as high as 12 feet. Furthermore, there is no toxic infill materials or lead based materials. 


SYNLawn’s exclusive HeatBlock™ Technology

Scientifically proven, SYNLawn’s exclusive HeatBlock Technology lowers rising temperatures by reflecting sunlight, thus reducing heat build-up and thermal emissivity. SYNLawn® with HeatBlock Technology incorporates infrared reflective pigments that help dissipate heat build-up which makes SYNLawn®  with HeatBlock Technology 20% cooler than similar artificial turf products. SYNLawn® artificial grass with HeatBlock Technology also adds a finish to each grass fiber that has less ‘shimmer’, is softer to the touch and less abrasive than other synthetic grasses for a more realistic look you can see and feel.


Healthy Play Environment

SYNLawn® synthetic grass provides an environment free of pests such as fleas and ticks helping prevent the spread of disease. Additionally, SYNLawn® helps reduce exposure to hay fever causing allergens.


Great For Year Round Sports Fields

Let it rain. Water (or any other liquid) drains right through at a rate of 30-inches per hour. With no standing water, sports games came recommence right after the storm.