Real Golf by Dave Pelz


SYNLawn® Golf works in partnership with noted golf instructor and short game guru Dave Pelz, founder of the Pelz Golf Institute in Austin, Texas. A former NASA physicist, Dave Pelz has worked with us to engineer outstanding synthetic grass products that not only look and feel real, but also perform like natural golf surfaces. With a SYNLawn® Golf green in your home or yard, you’ll get realistic practice that really counts.


Custom Putting Greens

SYNLawn® putting greens re-create the look and feel of a natural grass golf course. With meticulous attention to detail during the manufacturing process, SYNLawn® Golf’s putting green products are constructed of the highest quality fibers to replicate the true ball roll and action of professional golf courses. Perfect for the golf enthusiast, SYNLawn® Golf’s putting greens are the ultimate training aid.


Commercial Teelines

SYNLawn® Tee Strike is a premium product that stands up to heavy use while providing golfers with a realistic playing experience. Hitting shots from our quality Tee Line turf compares to hitting shots from a natural grass surface in a way that practicing on other synthetic materials can’t. SYNLawn® Tee Strike makes an excellent choice for tee lines and for chipping practice areas at country clubs, golf instruction facilities and public and private golf courses. It’s a great material for residential chipping areas, too.


SYNLawn Greensmaster™ Professional Installation Program

The quality of the installation of an artificial putting green is just as important as the quality of the products used on the surface. The SYNLawn Greensmaster™ certification program ensures that our installers are trained to install putting greens with smooth seams, natural undulations, proper surrounding fringe and course style bunkers. Only SYNLawn® provides you with the most realistic golf experience through Dave Pelz and the SYNLawn Greensmaster™ professional installation program.



DIY Greens

The revolutionary Dave Pelz GreenMaker™ Putting Green System is the finest complete packaged putting green system available on the market today. The prefabricated kit comes with the Berrasof Core ( a proprietary foam panel that offers strength, flexibility and realistic feel),  the highest quality synthetic bent grass manufactured today as well as regulation cups, fiberglass flag-sticks, aluminum bases and nylon flags.  After a simple tool free assembly, you are ready to enjoy your very own putting green in the privacy of your home or office.