Save Water, Save Money

On average, the typical household in America uses over two-thirds of their monthly water consumption on the lawn. Water conservation has become such a major concern in this country that many city water authorities are offering tax rebates for every square foot of natural sod you replace with artificial grass.


Maintenance Free Beautiful Landscaping

No matter how you look at it, keeping a healthy lawn costs you money and time. It’s time to cut your high water bills, lose the expenses of maintenance and fire the lawn service. It’s time for SYNLawn® for your landscape.

SYNLawn with pavers

So Many Choices

As the largest manufacturer of synthetic turf grass, we have it all. SYNLawn® artificial grass products are the most technologically advanced grasses produced anywhere. So many choices … so many possibilities.


Manufacturer's Warranty

SYNLawn® is the only vertically integrated artificial lawn company in the industry. From raw materials to your front yard, we do it all. We warranty every product we sell and every installation we put in the ground.


Environmentally Friendly

SYNLawn® goes a long way towards better environmental sustainability which makes it truly “green.” Our products have an extended lifespan, reduce your carbon footprint, conserve water, and use renewable and recycled materials in manufacturing.